Electric Vehicles Market in India – 2017

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Determining Plug-in Opportunity for Value Chain Players

Although, the India’s EV market is at very nascent stage as of now, but the enablers given by the government are quite enough for it to grow for taking its first step. Glimpse of which can be very clearly seen with Tata’s of the world all set to reveal its first ever EV for Indian market during 2017 itself. However, with all the glaring opportunities, there still exist certain challenges for the growth of Indian EV market, one such being lack of lithium deposits. While this does present a challenge to setting up a viable battery manufacturing plant in India, it also means that companies must look for other options to power such vehicles. Although , currently the challenges seem to outweigh the opportunities in India but the right steps from government in sprucing up the support dynamics for EVs in India at distinct levels is anticipated to transform into a gripping opportunity galore in future.

Key Queries Resolved
What are the growth factors for EV market in India?
What is the current manufacturing ability for PEV, HEV & BEV in India?
What shall be the manufacturing status for PEV, HEV & BEV in India till 2030?
What will be the state wise determination & benchmarks in India for electric vehicle adaptability till 2030?
What will be the opportunities for smart grid players in electric vehicle market till 2030?
What is regulatory and policy landscape for electric vehicles market in India?
What will be the market size for HEV , PEV & BEV in India till 2030?

Key Highlights:
Identifying gains for energy storage market in India
Evaluating the cost factor for both batteries and fuel
Promoting energy storage – DER adaptability
Opportunity assessment for value chain players
Opportunity for smart grid player through electric vehicle market
Scenario wise market assessment for high plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Filtering Opportunities for STU’s and Bulk Consumers

Contents and Coverage

Examining electric vehicles business case in India
Identifying growth factors for electric vehicles market in India
Examining growth barriers in India for electric vehicles market
Domestic manufacturing potential of India : Evaluating current & future market
Scenario based future market assessment till 2030
Opportunity assessment for electric vehicles/ automakers in India
Scenario wise opportunity assessment for battery manufacturers
Opportunity assessment for discoms for discoms and infra providers
State wise determination and benchmarking in India for electric vehicles adaptability
Incentivization index for electric vehicles in India
Subsidy indexation for electric vehicles in India
Potential adaptability for electric vehicles in India
Power availability for electric vehicles in India

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